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Operation Orpheus takes the reader back to that day in the 1980s when a contingency of heavily armed Police descended on a quiet wooded area close to a sleepy little village in Kent and arrested two men – Richard James and his friend Paul Jones and it is in this book that the reader learns the real reason as to why the two friends were arrested. Had they been turned by the IRA? Were they a sleeping cell for some terrorist organisation? Were the working for a foreign power or was it just a big smoke screen put up by the British Government to divert interest from the two men? What was the bigger picture?

In 1970’s and 80’s World Politics took a turn for the worse. In Ireland there had been a proliferation of paramilitary organisations and the ‘Provisional’ wing of the IRA had stepped up its campaign and the ‘Troubles’ escalated. In its efforts to combat these events the British Government recruited numerous Agents, ‘Agent Provocateurs’ and Informers all of whom worked for different handlers and agencies, so it was no wonder that from time to time lines of communication became confused and things went wrong. At home the bigger picture was one of the ‘Cold War’, where relations between the UK and the Soviet block had deteriorated to a point where even the Territorial Army was busy training units in guerrilla warfare in readiness should there be a Russian invasion.

So where does Richard James and his friend Paul Jones fit in with all this? Had they actually been turned? Were they a sleeping terrorist cell? Operation Orpheus is a gripping and powerful story and portrays the truth behind the headlines, offering a real insight into ‘The Troubles’. Set in Ireland the book takes the reader into the dangerous, shady world of gun runners, terrorists and British Intelligence where the IRA is not the only enemy!

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