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Set toward the end of the 1980s and into the 90s Britain is apparently losing out to the Provisional IRA. There have been various operational failures – some of which have proved catastrophic. The Provisional IRA always seems to be that one jump ahead. Does this mean that the Provisional IRA has better Intelligence than our Security Forces or is there something more sinister going on? There have been whispers of a mole operating deep inside Military Intelligence, but Major O’Rourke’s top operators have constantly failed to find such a person. Military Intelligence is now pointing the finger at the RUC, the Home Office and MI5 as possible sources of security leaks, but MI5 and the Home Office have failed to isolate the mole.

The situation is now critical and the Prime Minister’s Office is demanding an urgent resolution to the problem and in light of this Mr Gilpin – the man from the Ministry – enlists the help of Sir James Johnstone, head of the circus, suggesting that he may know someone, either retired from SIS or from Military Intelligence, who could investigate the leaks.

‘Unofficially of course, as the Government could not be seen to be connected with the investigation.’

Sir James agrees to help and tracks down Richard James – the one time ‘top operator’ in the circus. At last the chance to clear his name and to regain control of his life comes much sooner than even Richard had anticipated, and with his good friend Paul Jones he sets about retracing his tracks which leads him back to Ireland and the beautiful Fionnuala who has a confession to make.

Upon his return to Ireland he meets up with Jean O’Donald who has become a close friend since the death of her husband. Sean O’Donald, Jean’s late husband, had been Richard’s friend and handler through the 1970s and 1980s until a car bomb resulted in his untimely death. Whilst in Ireland Richard enlists the help of a number of old friends and acquaintances and with their help he launches the operation codenamed Beggarman, an operation to track down the mole codenamed Thief and prove his innocence. The net is cast far and wide and spreads throughout Ireland and across the Irish Sea to London and the Home Counties. Who is the traitor, who is the mole, who is the Thief!

In this, the final chapter of the Ferryman series, ‘Codename Beggarman’ takes the reader into the secret world of the ‘circus’ where cross and double-cross is all part of life…

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