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An anthology of poetry written by our young students and compiled together in this book by their own poetry club ‘The Quill Club’, the ‘Quill Club’ was formed to encourage young talent in reading and writing of poetry. If… is the first compilation book of poetry which it is hoped will be the first of many. It is hoped that you enjoy the words of these young people and the images they portray. Within the pages of this book will be found the poets of tomorrow! Read and enjoy the simple yet complex words of these young poets, and the pictures they portray.

If… An Anthology of Students Poems not only provides the reader with a variety of poetry, which in itself presents different coloured pictures of the mind, it has also been illustrated by students from the same age group. The students chose the poem that they felt conjured up the most evocative picture for them and the best of those submitted were used to illustrate the anthology. There was one exception to this the poem entitled ‘Poverty’, which was illustrated by the artist Ron Dunn, and it was his picture that was used as the basis for the front cover.

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